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The Art of Lithography

During the early years of the 18th century, a new art form was born: printmaking lithography.

While initially lithography had only a limited effect on printmaking, it did not take long for this new print methodology to find a broad range of applications.

In the years between 1850 and 1940, lithography was nurtured and brought to spectacular life. Increasingly favored for commercial use, it was embraced by illustrators and artists. These artists appreciated the varied tones and dramatic effects that could be achieved with lithography.

In the 1890’s, lithography became popular with artists such as: Toulouse-Lautrec, Daumier, Menzel and Mucha.  Improvements in technology made it possible to increase the size of prints and add beautiful color. This in turn enabled the commercial world to publish colorful posters, advertising an array of products.

These artists appreciated the varied tones and dramatic effects that could be achieved with lithography.

During the 20th century, artists such as: Matisse, Miró, and Picasso, rediscovered the largely undeveloped art form and they began to work directly in lithography to create original artworks that could then be re-created as limited editions, under the direction of master printers.

Today, history repeats itself with the collection of Rue Royale Fine Art. Our meticulously, re-created lithographs—using the same methods and presses of the Masters—bring back to life the finest works of the Golden Age of Posters.

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Foreground: Roman Gonzales, Background: Cameron Woodward, producing a lithograph on a French Marinoni Voirin press.

Roman Gonzales works as ‘Catcher’ while Cameron Woodward works as ‘Feeder’ on a French Marinoni Voirin press. Photo by David Schler, © 2014

Creature from the Black Lagoon lithograph print at an angle

Finished Creature from the Black Lagoon lithograph print. Photo by David Schler, © 2014

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